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Self-Exploration and Personality Building Initiative

This is a sort of training scheduled to achieve personality construction and self-exploration in an Islamic perspective. The estimated length of the program is 40 workshops to be completed in two sessions (preliminary and repeat). Each workshop contains framework of issues and relevant drills and exercises. The key objectives of the program are as follows
ii)To help students get rid of their intellectual blockade with the aid of their self-exploration. This blockade is the big hurdle in the way of the clarity of their concepts and thus quality education and better academic and professional performance.
This Proposed Program has a methodological significance of its own. It wants Islamic studies to be acquired and learned for the sake of practice and thus understanding its practical value. The present methodology of teaching Islamic studies is based on the memorization of the ideas and concepts of Islam. Imparting Islamic knowledge even by means of memorization is equally desirable and useful since it serves the different purposes of society. But this isn’t enough. There is a dire need to go beyond that, if we want Islam to be the part of everyday discourse of our collective life. If we want Islam to be the source of moral and social transformation, we need to make it the part of the heart, brain and mind of our students. Islam never wants its teachings to be learned for the purposes of mere bread and butter—for the sake of degrees and job only. Therefore, the present methodology of teaching Islamic studies is mere reductionist, if it doesn’t turn to permit students go through their intellectual and spiritual transformation as a result of their Islamic knowledge. So alongside the traditional departments of teaching Islamic studies, there is an equal urgency to set up departments/ centers meant for equipping our students with the type of knowledge/ skills by which they can realize the practical value of Islam—how can they resolve their everyday problems both in their collective and individual life with the help of Islamic beliefs, concepts and knowledge?
Toughness of competitive life and increasing financial difficulties have made the character building of our students even more complicated. Actually, the defective self-exploration and, thereby the lack of character-building are important factors responsible for increasingly tough, callous and financially dependent society. Pouring more money cannot quench the hunger for money, which we become unable to make our youth realize in the course of career-building. Taking the right direction, we need to induce Islamic character-building to the crops of our future professionals. This is how, we can also ensure better social cohesion and solidarity to our society, disillusioned with its norms and values as a result of its growing financial burdens as well as the dominant influence of the present dominant global western discourse.
Tazkira Workshops

Empowering Workshops: Building Skills for Success​

Initiating the Growth of Mind

Guiding you to control over the “situations” of everyday life instead you are the slave of these situations. Your beliefs, desires and intentions are developed in your childhood—over which you didn’t have any control. This stage helps to solve this problem.

Uncovering the Layers of Self

This stage is the identification of nafs—which is intensely difficult since it is sub-merged to your “core”. Though it is what you are, it is the silent cheater and thus its “discovery” is the discovery of self

Towards Satisfied Self (Nafasi Mutmaina)

Brain has never-ending potentials but like a “well” in which your society/surroundings make you to be a mere frog unless you choose to engage in untiring effort to utilize these never-ending potentials.

Increase Your Power of Concentration

There are various hostile things around you in the environment which keep slowly and steadily diverting you from your goals / targets. This stage of training gives you the wonderful knowledge of these hostile forces and how to overcome them?

Enable Yourself To Change Your Fixed Position / Specific Turn of Mind

Every day you are likely to encounter uncertain conditions and sudden challenges. This stage is designed to provide you with “confidence”, “awareness” and “inspiration” to meet the uncertainties of the everyday human life.

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