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This is the Only Training Program Currently Available which Inspires You to be Born-Again by Reviving Your Hidden but Often Suppressed and Rejected Religious Potential—that is Possible to be Done By Means of a Relationship With God—the Gracious Creator of You. Moreover, whatsoever Your Religious Faith is, You Can Equally Benefit from or Program Since it is based on Universal Spiritual, Ethical and Moral Values, Believed to be true in All Societies. Another unique feature is that this program helps you to achieve the highest possible balance between your heart and brain. Remember that your brain is a core-self which is the center of all thinking, reasoning and pondering but it works to its best with its peace and rhythm when it is able to be in a co-ordination with your heart—which (being the house of your beliefs, desires and intentions) gives direction to your judgments/ decision-making. Also remember that the health of your heart depends on your constant good actions and proximity to God. So the point of determination of your personality is that never seek any compromise on these two even if you are burned or you are offered the treasures of earth.
Religion in our modern world is often viewed as the source of backwardness and un-growth. On similar lines, a religious personality is often caricatured and remains the subject of criticism as well as the symbol of rigidity and stagnation. In comparison to this is the conception of a modern personality with progressive outlook, sharp in his judgments, fully flexible in his attitudes and capable of utilizing men, materials and machines. However, in our rapidly changing world that is post-modern, post-rationalist, post-industrialist, post-nationalist, this concept of the modern personality is increasingly turning out to be a myth. So the magic attached with modern personality in now fading quickly and there is dire need to rearrange the set of values which could provide the foundation for a different type of personality—that is equally progressive and sharp￾minded but at the same time, remains free from being hollow from within. To achieve this end, we offer this training program. It seeks to reawaken the best of your intellectual, physical and emotional potentials but aims to fill up your spiritual vacuity by means of self-discovery. This self-discovery is unique since it enlightens your soul and body with the Light of God spreading in the earth and skies. This Light of God is responsible for all the adornment, action, attractions, excitement, joy and taste everywhere on the earth. This gives another unique feature of this program. Because of its clear cut monotheism—that is universally acclaimed by almost all religions, it remains open to the followers of all faith. So you can equally benefit from the program no matter whatsoever your religious affiliation is. So our aim is to help you pass through a fully enchanted journey of “self-discovery” which finally makes you to experience the wonders of your own self and to help you benefit from the hidden treasures of your brain, body, heart and soul. By allowing yourself to go through these wonders, you can become an astonished figure in your community and on all the places of your interaction. Kindly, help us to let you experience the Truth—the Truth upon which whole the universe exists and the sustenance is provided to you, your families and the billions of people in the world.

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