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About Tazkira

O’ human race, get together in the love for one God

At Tazkira, we are dedicated to empowering individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Our mission is to help you uncover the true essence of who you are and unleash your untapped potential.





Years of contributing to the development and progress of Islam.
Tazkira Workshops

Empowering Workshops: Building Skills for Success​

Initiating the Growth of Mind

Guiding you to control over the “situations” of everyday life instead you are the slave of these situations. Your beliefs, desires and intentions are developed in your childhood—over which you didn’t have any control. This stage helps to solve this problem.

Uncovering the Layers of Self

This stage is the identification of nafs—which is intensely difficult since it is sub-merged to your “core”. Though it is what you are, it is the silent cheater and thus its “discovery” is the discovery of self

Towards Satisfied Self (Nafasi Mutmaina)

Brain has never-ending potentials but like a “well” in which your society/surroundings make you to be a mere frog unless you choose to engage in untiring effort to utilize these never-ending potentials.

Increase Your Power of Concentration

There are various hostile things around you in the environment which keep slowly and steadily diverting you from your goals / targets. This stage of training gives you the wonderful knowledge of these hostile forces and how to overcome them?

Enable Yourself To Change Your Fixed Position / Specific Turn of Mind

Every day you are likely to encounter uncertain conditions and sudden challenges. This stage is designed to provide you with “confidence”, “awareness” and “inspiration” to meet the uncertainties of the everyday human life.

What You will get, by the grace of God?

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