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Mega Stage 5
Allow Yourself to Change Your Fixed Turn of Mind/ Stubborn Nature

Objectives & philosophy behind

The purpose here is to enable the trainees to develop the sort of behavior with the help of which they will be able to change themselves to the best of hopes and aspirations. Faced with grim situations, accidents and uncertainties of life, a person is often able to realize his or her error or guilt, but oftenly due to his/her stubborn nature remains unable to move in the right direction. It isn’t easy to change one’s fixed/ cherished position or the particular state of mind deeply anchored to the core of that personality due to the continuous efforts to achieve a goal though later circumstances proved that that goal to be false. This problem can be avoided, if a person is timely able to transform his or her particular fixed turn of mind. This interval of training is designed to provide proper guideline in this regard. This is furthermore better likely to help a person in adjusting one’s behavior to the different situations of everyday life. Each situation has its own limitations and demands, which pose a challenge to that person. There is a greater need that that person should be able to transform himself or herself to the extent to do justice to each changing situation. The intention of God as exposed in Islamic teachings is that a person with the passing of each moment should be able to keep himself/ herself hitting hard to evaluate whether he/she is on the righteous path or not? The Holy Quran is an open witness to it. Each and every verse invites men and women to change their fixed position or turn of mind. Furthermore, faith is qualitative in its nature and thus continues to increase or decrease. So all person have to engage themselves in a tough struggle to keep their faith intact or increased and that continues with the passing of each hour. (This struggle is further made tougher due to the opposite forces working against a person’s faith in the form of worldly attractions, charms and fears). This is the reason that one of the orientalist Earnest Gellner called, Islam is a permanent reformation”.