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Mega Stage 2
Uncovering the Covers of Self

Objectives & philosophy behind

Each human self or personality is the combination of different layers. In the job of personality construction and self–exploration, one of the big challenges is to uncover the covers of self. This process of uncovering is very painful and complex. The purpose of this stage is to enable the trainees to look at themselves in a clear light by allowing them to remove these different covers. This is how they can be helped to reach at their core-self that is their actual personality. The strength or weakness of a personality depends on his ability of the identification of his core-self which gives him/her new energy and aspiration to restore back the originality of his/her thinking and the creative spirits in his soul, mind and body. Furthermore, in many cases, the most skillful and the biggest cheater for a person happens to be his/her own self. The deeply entrenched he covers of self are, the badly the person is cheated. The number and depth of these covers depend on the level of ‘greed and lust’, legitimized on the name of its popular culture. This level also helps determine the rate of the decline of balance between materialism and spiritualism in the society. This silent cheater usually lured by the attractions of the world cheats so sweetly that a person often keeps accusing others for the losses and the frustration resulting from that cheating. A big loss is that the victim of this situation remains unaware of the actual guilt or the wrong associated with him/her and thus continues to suffer in different ways. His goals or objectives of life are not those of his/her own but given by the large society around. He/she remains deprived of the vital energy that spring from the originality and the creativity, associated with the removal of these covers to finally experience the existence of core-self. Another loss is that having the tendency to view himself/herself good or innocent, different evils also remain hidden under these covers of self. So if one is able to uncover these covers, it becomes easy for him to get rid of these evils, which never allow him/her to utilize the potential of heart, brain and mind. Self-discovery is a painful and difficult process. But as soon as a person begins to recognize oneself, one also comes close to conquer it. It means that one becomes able to shape one’s desires, interests, motifs and intentions in the way he or she deems best. This is where one is able to rule over one’s unruly greed or lust. At this juncture, one can shape one’s tendency towards the attractions of this world. He or she becomes able to decide: which beauty is useful and which one needs to be avoided? (The beauty here indicates the attractions of the world i.e., women, wealth, material things of pride such as luxuriant residences, new model cars, fashionable dresses etc.). This is how one is able to set one’s preferences but also to put them in a workable order: first thing first and second thing second. So self-discovery on each step assures us that an undesirable type of self can be replaced by a desirable type. In this way, a self or personality can exist as a unified coherent whole—the original color of the self. This is how a self is transformed into a solid and balanced personality, to finally make it get rid of its disintegration. Needless to say, this disintegration is the outcome of the dominance of either one or more than one types of self, as given blow