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Mega Stage 1
Explore and Enhance the Richness of Your Mind: Begin to Gauge the Strength of Your Beliefs, Desires, Fears and Intentions

Objectives & philosophy behind

The fundamental premise behind this activity is that if a person is able to trace out the role of his desires, fears, beliefs and intentions in what he or she has become today, he or she would be in a better position to form a definite goal and thereby to trace and enhance the richness of the world of his heart, brain and mind. This activity should be conducted in a manner that gives opportunities to the participants to gauge the impact of their beliefs, desires and intentions in choosing the right or wrong giving a particular shape to their lives. This needs to be remembered that a balanced personality may be found as the sum of the best performance of heart and brain. To achieve this end, we need to distinguish and capture heart-specific behaviors and brain-specific behaviors. By a specific training of mind, as targeted in this programme, this type of distinction and understanding of such behaviors can be achieved. This stage moves in this direction by generating the better understanding of our beliefs, desires, fears and intentions. Beliefs, desires and intentions work in very close co-ordination. They commonly point to or always directed to something cherished by people as noted down by intentionalists. Yet, for our convenience, we may associated their function to a specific human organ. This kind of division is upon the principle that which one—among beliefs, desires and intention is capable of influencing or being influenced by which one—heart, brain and mind, respectively. This is how, the close co-ordination between heart and brain can also be achieved. For example, as a result of this co-ordination, reasoning and pondering linked with brain helps to check desires linked with heart. Similarly, as a result of this co-ordination, reasoning and pondering on one hand and belief-formation linked with heart on the other hand turns out to be one and same. To further shed light, having roots in divine connection, belief-formation is the matter of heart-specific behavior. Whereas, the work of lust and fears, having roots in the images-formation, memorization and calculation associated with worldly attractions and charms, remains linked with brain-specific behavior. While, the growth and development of intentions remains the matter of the sound functioning of both heart and brain—the sum of which is mind. This is the reason that the sound intentions remain the sole function of sound mind. Therefore, as soon as, a person comes to have a knowledge of his or her beliefs, desires, fears and intentions, the world of heart and brain begins to unfold, blessing him/ her with the new strengths of a balanced personality. Furthermore, this awareness will help the students to know how to use the powers of brain in a positive and productive manner. For example, the faculty of imagination is the most useful function of our brain. It is responsible for creativity and originality everywhere in life and thus needs to be protected at all costs. This protection depends on one’s ability to harness one’s unruly desires linked with greed, lust and the intoxication of the worldly joys. If a person fails to protect his/her faculty of imagination, then even an intelligent person turns out to be an evil genius, proving destructive for himself and his society. Similarly, with a better knowledge of his/her beliefs, desires and intentions, a person gains a new wisdom out of his newly found capability to view the powerful impact of beliefs on his life. The emergence of a neat and clean, coherent and harmonious core-self which is the fundamental basis of a sound mind and personality solely depends on one’s belief-formation. In simple words, core-self is nothing but a clear cut, sound belief. But the development of this clear cut, sound belief purely the matter of a person’s relationship with God. And, this is true in all cases—whether a person embraces the commandments of God or not. In case of embracing, his/her thinking, life style, and overall personality behavior will be quite different from the person rejecting the commandments of God, by tongue or by heart. This leads to the important conclusion and a warning too: A sound, clear cut truthful belief is wholly the result of God’s mercy and has nothing to do with a person’s merit or the exercise of abilities or mere personal efforts. So this remains the fundamental premise on each step, no matter how minor it is that the trainee needs to totally submit himself/ herself to God to show his/her keen desire or a very strong urge for the grace of God so that each and everything should go smoothly and correctly. As the part of personal efforts, all in all, what a man or a woman can do is nothing more than that of showing his/her keen desire or a strong urge to gain the grace and mercy of God. And, even they cannot do it alone, but they remain again totally dependent on God. A question here is that what is then the net value of this program? This is bi-fold: Primarily, it wants the trainees to draw their attention to those areas of life in which there can be pointed certain shortcomings which happen to be hurdles in the way of any urge for self-discovery, if this urge ever rises in their life. Presently, so much so, these shortcomings aren’t generally regarded as shortcomings because of the socially approved behaviors and the popular norms of society in which “success” is measured in material terms alone and thus urge for the grace of God either is never allowed to rise or it has a very less weight in the overall calculations of everyday life. Second, this program intends its trainees to learn the practical ways and means to yearn for the urge of the grace of God in their life. They are hoped to have the knowledge of these practical ways and means as a result of the modification of behavior as targeted in the various stages of this training program. So the net value of this program is to help the trainees to know how to create and to further enhance the very urge for the grace of God and at the same time to make them realize the significance of the very urge for the grace of God in removing those defects and shortcoming of their behavior for which they are currently used to owe to worldly resources alone and thus remain the victim of continuous failures